MWFH - Mike, Vera, and Doorman

To contact me about the show, email mike.eltringham@gmail.com. 

Created by comedian Mike Eltringham, ‘Mike Works From Home’ is a comedy web series about your every day typical office drone with one major difference: he’s convinced his pushover of a boss to let him work from home five days a week. He then goes out of his way to get himself into a series of increasingly absurd scenarios to keep up the appearance of being busy and also fend off boredom – all without having to do any *real* work. Despite his unique situation, Mike faces the same challenges as anyone else working a 9-5: calling IT to reset his password, shouting obscenities while forgetting he’s on speakerphone, stopping his maniacal Russian landlord from invading his apartment, staging a fake cooking competition reality show for lunch, and of course, conducting an in-home performance review without wearing pants.

The ten episode season premieres at MikeWorksFromHome.net and YouTube.com/MikeEltringham on Thursday, November 9 with new episodes debuting every Tuesday and Thursday (except Thanksgiving).